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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  August 9, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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retired he stayed here in baltimore owning several businesses including a country club and raised a family here in the community that he loved. to say he was a great story teller was an understatement. he talked to everybody and could tell a story that would make your side split e was frequent guest on carson and letterman telling stories about his life. services begins at 11. our coverage will begin at 10 with jammy costello and -- jamiecostello and other people who knew the football legend and a great baltimore guy. for those who like the view it won't be on this morning but will be aired tomorrow at 4:00. megan. >> all right thanks. happening today, testimony tension in the murder for hire trial against karla porter the woman accused of having her husband murdered at a towson gas station. in court, porter took the stand and told the jury her husband repeatedly beat her. she says the abuse got so bad
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she had no choice but to have him killed. the state pointed out she never reported any of those abuse or threats to police. security officials at johns hop cns school of medicine in east baltimore are beefing up-- hopkins school of medicine in east baltimore are beefing uppatrol after several people were robbed. you will see more officers on foot patrol and bikes. nick mosby wants people to boy scott the florida businesses because the stand your ground law encourages vigilantes. he calls for the city officials to avoid traveling to florida for attending events happening in that state. no word what group of volunteers stranded in kenya will head back home in harford county. the group has been scheduled to come home monday. a massive fire at nairobi's
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international airport gutted the east african hub creating a massive amount of damage and stranding tons of passengers including 9 volunteers from habitat from human tate. they went to -- humanity. they went to help build a home for a man and 8 children. dogs abused and neglected in arkansas have a new place in anne arundel county. 10 dogs were arrested from a animal hoarder and they are up for adoption by the spca they are looking for a permanent place to call home. >> as far as the -- behavior wise they are adaptable. the dogs tib to -- continue to surprise me with resilience. >> if you are interested in adoption contact spca. they charge between 120 and $150 to adopt a dog. sports this morning. ravens coaches have highlights to evaluate following a preseason beat down in tampa. the ravens blasted the bucs 44-
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16 in the preseason opener. runningback pierce scored a touchdown backup quarterback taylor threw for two scores. falcons at m and t bank stadium is on thursday. ravens fans mark this date on your calendar. no. november 24th is the date you will be able to see jonathan ogden get his ring. acoreing to ogden because -- according to ogden he tweeted out can't wait to receive my hall of fame ring at ravens november 24th game sunday, at one against the jets. and it's just about time to shout play ball in aberdeen because the 14th annual cal ripkin world series gets underway today. 16 teams will take part including a team from harford county. the hickory hornets. this is video from last year's world series. and world series features those 12 and under. opening ceremonies will be at 5
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p.m. at ripken experience complex in aberdeen. satellite and radar picking up on plenty of cloud. this is similar to what we have been seeing all week. still very unsettled and has the potential for isolated showers. to get in here this morning and going into the afternoon time frame, most of the stuff to the north and west this morning. but this will gradually but surely move in here as we go into the afternoon. the dew points very high this morning. so we are talking about the muggy conditions once again. look at this in perry hall. 77. so this is unheard of for this time of the year. and actually in maryland. this is what you see when you are heading into southern florida. 77 in perry hall. 73 in chestertown and 75 for a dew point in annapolis and 73 in glen bernie. as we look at cockeysville at 71. temperatures are still warm this morning as well. close to 80 in baltimore city and 77 in perry hall and more
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of the same in chestertown. temperatures will be on the warm side throughout the rest of today. usher is due in court today plus high stakes legal battle for apple. and the 448 million dollar power ball jackpot. this morning we have new information on one of the winning tickets. wouldn't that-- >> reporter: wouldn't that be nice to win? no delays on interstate 70 at columbia pike. i will show you what the other main lines look like and have the greatest drive times coming up
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new this morning dozens of employees at the u.s. consulate in pakistan have been ordered to leave because of a specific threat to the mission. a u.s. official says the action is a precautionary measure and it's not connected to the closures of other u.s. embassies around the world. the state department has issued a nonessential travel warning to american citizens for traveling to pakistan. president obama is planning to hold a news conference today to talk about the terror alert issued earlier this week. and he is also expected to address the cancellation of his trip to moscow to meet with president putin. president obama axed the trip after russia granted temporary asylum to edward snowden. taking a look at news around the nation, crews are battling a huge wild fire. this is what they are dealing with. this is the situation in southern california. the mountains -- in the have been destroyed and the
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number could grow as they continue tie sees the damage. -- continue to assess the damage. people in five towns have been told to get out and the fire is only about 20% contained. two friends of the suspected boston marathon bomber has been indied on federal charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice. they have been accused of trying to dispose evidence from dzhokhar tsarnaev from his dorm room. they have been detained since they were charged in may. today usher will be in atlanta in court his ex-wife is seeking emergency custody of their son after their 5-year- old nearly drowned on a monday after getting stuck in the pool drain trying to get to a toy a contractor pulled him to safety and started cpr. the child's condition is improving this morning in the hospital. a long day in court for apple facing 3 separate cases.
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two of those cases involve apple's ongoing patent fight against samsung. international trade commission is expected to issue a decision as soon as today as the other case involving ebooks a federal judge will consider a proposed remedy where she ruled apple had conspired with publishers to raise ebook prices. we will keep you posted on what happens. a winning power ball ticket to plate 448 mill -- split 448 million dollars. it was purchased at a acme supermarket and happened in little egg harbor new jersey. we are learning more about who purchased the ticket. according to reports, 16 coworkers from a new jersey car maintenance department bought the ticket in an office pool. not bad to be them. so meantime, one lucky winner in minnesota has come forward and lindy davis will introduce -- lindsey davis will introduce you to him. >> reporter: meet the newestmulti million air.
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>> i said i will have to call you back and ran around the office. >> reporter: less than 12 hours after the drawing, the 45-year- old electrical engineer came forward to claim his share of the 485 million dollar jackpot. >> i feel the pressure off my shoulders that you carry every day with you. i have two kids and will i be able to pay for college. all the things are gone. >> reporter: after taxes he is now 86 million dollars richer the remaining 172 million will be split between two mysterious soon to be millionaires who have yet to come forward. one ticket bought here at this stop and shop in south brunswick new jersey. and there are several other newly minted millionaires today. in colorado, texas and oklahoma, power ball ticket holders earned a 2 million dollar prize. and there were one million dollar winners in a total of 16 states. as for white he says he's been bank on this win for a while -- banking on this win for a while and something he joked about in a game with his siblings.
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>> the description was the financial plan was consisting of playing the lottery and everybody picked my name and they thought it was funny then. whose right now? >> reporter: he says one of the first purchases will be a 63 impala for his 80-year-old dad and as for the stores who sold the winning ticket the lottery has bonuses for them and thisstop and shop will donate 309,000 dollars mmunity. lindsey davis abc news. lends yea -- lindsey reported winners in other state. lottery officials say one million dollar ticket was sold at dunkirk fast stop on southern maryland boulevard the 8th, 2nd tier power ball ticket sold in maryland this year. time for a check on the weather. it doesn't feel like we hit the jackpot as far as the weather because there's been rain. but in between the showers it's been pleasant. >> yeah. if you throw in the humidity.
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i am being sarcastic. >> bad for the hair. >> exactly. and we will do it all over today. we are talking about dew points in the upper 70s today. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot of rain. it's back off towards the west and off to the north. but we will get some of that action in here as we go into the afternoon. and the more sunshine we see, and feel, that means the atmosphere is going to destabilize and that's going to pop up the showers and thunderstorms ahead of the cold front that will work et cetera way in here across the area. we can see what's going on from lexington and back into chicago and even as we head down south still again lots of showers and rain across the area. and at the surface we are waiting for this front to move through. it will slowly but surely do so as we go throughout the day. but it's going to stall out once again. humid weather is ahead of it but the dry weather is behind it and that's what we are waiting for. temperature wise in reisterstown right now, coming in at 75. pasadena is is at 77. and abc2's most accurate future
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trend will pick up on shers and storms throughout the evening. the commute home could be on the rough side for today. and we will dry things out as we head towards the beginning ofnext week but it's going to be a good time to down load our storm sheelt shield weather app keeping you ahead of the storm. 85 is the temperature by lunchtime and the high is at 88. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: well, we are dealing with a little bit of fog this morning. so you might need to use the low beams to improve the visibility. but look at speed across the region of the you will be happy with them. and things will remain nice and high on the harrisburg expressway. here in hunt valley we are looking at 60 miles per hour southbound at shawan road. everything is up to speed on the jfx and heading downtown. in harford county no problems on 95 route 543. and traffic will remain nice and calm as you make the push down to the harbor tunnel throughway. it's going to take the normal 6 minutes to get down to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. 695 up to speed. right now on the east side
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typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and over on the west side it's going to take 11 minutes as well to get from 795 all the way down to 95. you can get the drive times on twitter by following me at maryland traffic. a. a life saving heart transplant 30 years ago. up next the hopkins patient with a second chance at life. a horrible bus crash caught on camera a critical decision made by the driver may have caused it. stay with us. we will be right back.
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thanks for joining ounce this friday morning. a major milestone this week for a patient at johns hopkins. 30 years ago, he had a life saving heart trsplant. orlando is among the longest to survive with a new heart and jamie costello sat down with him and his wife pam. >> i got a second life. >> reporter: it was 30 years ago this week that orlando and his wife pam showed up at hopkins. he was 28 but something was not right as he turned to his wife and said. >> he said i feel lousy and was coughing a lot. >> reporter: looked like a banana and x-rays showed his heart was enlarged and the only way he would make it would be to undergo a heart transplant and he has no idea who his donor was but thanks to him every day. >> i am so thankful to the donors of the world that gave me this transplant and because
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that's when people should consider being organ donors because it's gift of life. >> reporter: this man was beats away from dying beating the odds and becoming one of america's longest heart transplant survivors. >> if you are a person that's waiting for a transplant or you are ill with cardiac disease, this is not pie in the sky. it's a viable operation that will give you new life. >> reporter: dr. casper was a intern and remembers how whoa sneak in to see the operations. >> these days it's anothercardiac operations. >> reporter: and like orlando he sees a future with mechanical and artificial hearts. >> will we be able to grow a heart they grew grew a ham bringer in a dish but that's in the future. >> reporter: an amazing story of a man who is all heart. >> i am so proud of him and how far he worked to get to this point and continues to work hard every day to take it one
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day at a time. >> that's jamie costello reporting. orlando eats out works out and takes his medication and regularly checks in with dr. casper. great zory. now let's -- story. now let's see if we can getgreat weather. >> we are dealing with patchy fog. back north and west we can see 9 miles reduced visibility in york. we want to get to 10. more of the same in hagerstown and 5 in winchester. we will see sunshine and we will have scattered showers and storms and it's going to be more humid today and it's going to be warm wert high temperature at 88 we should be at 86 for this time of the year. tonight that temperature is is at 70 degrees. still muggy isolated showers and storms by tomorrow and this is what the beech forecast looks like. we have the chance for thunderstorms each and every day but that chance will decrease. the 7-day forecast is bringing drier weather by sunday. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: well, interstate 70 is nice and clear this
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morning. the eastbound lanes clocking in at 64 miles per hour. westbound travel will be nice and clear if you are heading out to frederick. and 695 going to be in great shape. in pikesville 55 miles per hour on the inner loop so no problems pushing up to 83. the outer loop is clear down to interstate 70. and as we check in and take a live look at the beltway at the key bridge, notice nothing to get in are way. that's going to be nice and clear. you are looking at a normal drive time to get from 95 all the way up to 83. that takes the normal 11 minutes. heading into the city using 95, it's going to be a great option. here's eastern avenue. 7 minutes to travel from the toll plaza all the way to the peltway. that's your -- beltway. that's your timesaver traffic. this video may be tough to watch. the driver of the tourist bus inchina tried to reverse the highway after a passenger said he missed an exit. this is incredible video. a semitruck slammed into the
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bus and the driver and passengers are seen thrown from the seats. look at that. one person in the semitruck was killed. 22 people on the bus are recovering this morning. the thrill and excitement of a school year but for some kids heading back to school is a nervous time. ahead at 5, what you can do to ease the back to school jitters for your loved ones. we will hear from an expert straight ahead. also coming up, looking to save cash for back to school shopping trips? of course you are. we will tell you how to cash in on a nice deal. [ female announcer ] breyers. together making moments.
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tax free shopping weeks starts on sunday. it's anespecially good time toshock up on clothing. you can avoid the 6% sales tax on apparel and shoes under a hundred bucks. state loses 5 million dollars on the deal but the comptroller says it's worth it. >> if you are going to spend a thousand dollars sometime during the year, buying clothes and shoes spend it now and save 60 bucks. >> jewelry and accessories are not included and neither are school supplies and backpacks. the comptroller supports changing the policy but only the legislator -- legislature has the power to do that. >> we are hoping you will pick up a few things for kids in our area who are disadvantaged. we are partnering with the young school and the preston mitchum junior foundation for the back to school supply drive. this is how to help.
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we are looking for backpacks and pens and pencils and three rings binders and there's a list on supplies to give outlist of the things we need and the drop off locations. the drive runs through august 22nd and you have time. good morning maryland at 5 starts right now so stay with us. >> you are watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >> baltimore says bye to a colts legend. we have more on the life and legacy of art donovan. he helped build the legacy of football in this town. we love our football and the season has not started and the raves are-- ravens are looking like winners. those stories straight ahead on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. it's friday so you need to know what the weather is like. it's been muggy. here's lynette charles to let you know if that's the case today. >> we are going to pick up where we left off yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. when it comes to the humid conditions and also when it comes to the showers and storms, as we look at maryland's most powerful radar
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as of now, we are not picking up on a whole lot in central maryland. but back off to western maryland that's where we are seeing a few light showers working their way into the picture. but all in all, we should stay mainly dry and maybe a fuse isolated showers going into -- maybe a few isolated showers going into the afternoon. as we look at tinytown where we are looking at light showers across the area. greens around here and also around maybury and huckel berry bottom this morning. in terms of temperatures, we are warm. we are coming in at 75 degrees and in terms of the dew point we are muggy. the 70s once again so very sultry and uncomfortable. very soupy this morning and that's going to continue into the afternoon. glen burnie's temperature is at 77 degrees. and we should be at 66 for a low temperature for this time of the year. and pylesville temperatures at 73 with that dew point around 70. so if you have plans, maybe for a little tennis today, well,
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you can do it this morning or this afternoon. just keep your eye to the school. and it's going to be a warmer day. and with that -- humidity warmer temperatures will be feeling like 85 to upper 90. >> reporter: there's trouble in howard county. a crash in elk ridge on washington boulevard and old washington road. 95 in the area nice and clear. you not going to have any trouble getting to downtown baltimore. you can follow me on twitter for the latest alerts at maryland traffic and as i mentioned, 95 northbound lanes 65 miles per hour right now. not too bad. tunnels are in great shape and this is what the beltway looks like. normal drive time of 11 minutes traveling outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. and if you are using the jfx to get into the city it's a great option here at ruxton road. not much traffic to deal w it's going to be nice and clear-- with. it's going to be nice and clearmaking the push to fayette street. two minutes after 5. on the field he was a fighter.
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but off the field, he was a gentle giant. art done vast -- donovan was known as sense is of humor as for his tenacity and roosevelt leftwich is live at the cathedral mary our queen where them say good-bye. >> reporter: hundreds will come to spay last respects to a man who was a giant in sports here in baltimore. we are talking about are donovan who will be remembered as great football player and a really good guy: he died late sunday from a press pitory illness. the -- recipe fore -- respiratory illness e was considered one of the most -- he was considered wouldn't most dominating players. he was quick for a man with his size and a fierce pass rusher. he defined his position in the nfl and for that he answered place in the pro football hall of fame-- he earned a place in the pro football hall of fame and defined what a player should be when he retired he stayed in baltimore


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